Google vs OpenAI

Google vs OpenAI


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Will ChatGPT replace Google?

Google will win the AI race against OpenAI or ChatGPT or Microsoft or anyone that we know as of now.
The reason is simple.

Google has the largest "Training Dataset" to train AI models. Bigger and better training datasets will give Google better AI models. Most humans in the planet interact with Android devices on a daily basis. Google knows majority of the worlds Humans. What they do, what they click, how they react to different things, how do they look, sound, even perhaps smell.
Google has the largest dataset of "images" (google images), largest dataset of "videos" and therefore audios (YouTube), largest dataset of books , documents, voice commands -- the largest recording of human voices from all over the world with billion different accents and pronunciations of the same words.

Google knows how humans explore the world via Google maps --giving Google ideas about every little street on earth turn-by-turn. Google knows what is where in every little square inch of the "real world".

Google knows how humans talk to each other (Gmail, Hangout, Messaging), how they talk formal or informal (Gmail), when humans start a quarrel, what they fight about, how humans go about fighting, hating or loving each other in communicative language. Google knows what humans search, how they express their searches, and when humans find their desired search results and when they are satisfied. The last part is extremely powerful.

All of the above plus the last one will allow Google to build AI models much more powerful than ChatGPT. And we know when Google makes a product, it is most likely going to be always available, generous, mostly free, and Google will make money in the most decent way possible.

Google's talking chat bot will be called "Bard".

When Google's AI tools go live, ChatGPT will probably be an after-thought.

However, one thing you have to give to OpenAI and ChatGPT -- they helped capture the world's imagination about AI and forced Google to come out of the shadows with its AI tools.
Google was hiding it's ChatGPT type tools -- because Google wanted people to "search" and then see many results with ads, not just a "summarized result" or an "essay" like ChatGPT.
OpenAI pushed Google to open up more.

Now that Google is opening up, the stage will be Google's in the foreseeable future.

If I summarize, Microsoft wants to beat Google search using ChatGPT.
That will NOT work.
Google already has much superior AI chatbot capabilities, which will only get better.
Google dominates 90% of search.
Microsoft adding summarized, human like responses to Bing will not cause much damage to Google.
Google will simply add that summary feature as a clickable button or an additional display.
The real value out of talking or summarizing AI will be added by smaller, third-party apps and newer platforms who will do things with AI which we still do not know.
Among the known usage and business (like search or office), Microsoft and Google will hold their current positions.
Summary AI results will also NOT replace current format of web search.
If two people searching on a single topic come back with similar AI generated summaries, the whole purpose of searching any topic by multiple people will be wasted.
People will always search manually to find meaning that is not available as an AI summary.
That's what common sense tells.
But yes, for simple searches (like tell me 5 differences between Toyota Corolla and Ford Focus) -- summarized searches will dominate.

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